1 in 3 house sales or purchases in the UK falls through, don’t be the 1

We offer Sellers & Buyers greater confidence in their property transactions AND in one another!

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"£270 million is the amount wasted on collapsed sales & purchases in a year!"

Source: HM Treasury Budget 2016

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Row of Houses


Is the average amount lost when a property transaction collapses

Source: Which? Magazine


Wasted in failed property transactions in a year!

Source: Treasury, Budget report 2016


Of Sellers & Buyers are unhappy with the current UK system

According to Government led surveys

Make Gazumping and Gazundering a thing of the past…

…we can provide you with peace of mind on your next property sale or purchase

HonestyBox is designed to strengthen the property market by reducing sale fall throughs, reducing instances of gazumping and gazundering and deterring those who are not genuine about selling or buying from entering the market to begin with!

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How Does HonestyBox Work?


Sale Is Agreed On A Property

An offer has been made and accepted on a property


The Seller & Buyer Choose To Use The HonestyBox To Secure The Deal

And requests that the affiliated HonestyBox Agent sets up a unique HB account to protect their deal


The Agent Sets Up A Unique Transaction Account & Inputs The Type of Lock & Terms Of The Agreement

This is done in the secure HonestyBox Agents Portal


The Parties Agree Terms & Purchase Their HonestyBox Tokens

These are lodged in the HB platform against the transaction as collateral


The Transaction is Now HonestyBox Protected

And the client funds are held securely in Escrow


The Affiliated Agent Will Update The HonestyBox

Once the transaction / sale has reached it's conclusion

Result 1


'Successful Transaction'

Both parties are eligible for the full remittance of their token value minus the nominal HonestyBox fee

Result 2

Failed Transaction

'HonestyBox Silver Lining Payment'

The party in breach of the agreed terms forfeits their token and the value of this is sent to the aggrieved party. (Along with the full value of their own token)

Why Should You Use HonestyBox?

Greater Trust

HonestyBox creates greater trust between a buyer and seller

Peace of Mind

Less stressful wait up until exchange of contracts

Stronger Chains

HonestyBox creates stronger sales which means securer property chains for all

Safe & Secure

Your money is held safely in Escrow

What is Gazundering, Gazumping and Gazanging?

Property Terminology, Explained


This is the industry term for when a Buyer finds a reason to renegotiate their offer. Often right before exchange of contracts and when they feel the Seller might have no choice but to accept the new, lower offer.


This is the term given to when a Buyer finds themselves in the unfortunate position of being ‘outbid’ by a new buyer on the property they believed they’d already secured. The Seller accepts the new higher offer and the original buyer can lose out out on both their dream home and money spent up until that point.


Another bit of industry jargon for you! This is where a Seller simply changes their mind about selling. At the detriment of the Buyer who will lose out on conveyancing costs and unrecovered survey costs.

What Our Customers Say

"My house sale had fallen through twice & I was finding it very difficult to place any trust in our buyer when we received a third offer.
By checking to see if they would be prepared to use the HonestyBox to protect the deal - we found it much easier to trust them going forward.

James Phillips

"I recently used the HonestyBox to show the family we were buying off that we really were sincere. It helped us negotiate the purchase and gain their trust."

Laura Fellows

"I had two people offering on my house. My agent told me to go with the one who was committed enough to use the HonestyBox. It was really helpful!"

Gary Price

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