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A system providing equal financial safety, security and protection

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The idea for the HonestyBox has evolved over a career spent in estate agency.

We noticed that the UK system doesn’t offer sellers and buyers the same levels of security and protection that are afforded in other countries around the world. And that this ‘absence of certainty’ can make the process incredibly stressful for everybody involved.

“HonestyBox is designed to strengthen the UK property market by reducing sale fall throughs, reducing instances of gazumping and gazundering and ultimately deterring those who are not genuine about selling or buying from entering the market, to begin with!”

Ben Adams, Founder

Are you considering selling or buying a property?

It’s vitally important you do everything can to protect yourself, as a failed property transaction can end up costing you thousands. Not to mention the emotional wrench of losing out on your dream property purchase or that bitter disappointment if your sale was too fall through late on.

What can HonestyBox Do For You?

  • Gives you greater peace of mind from day one
  • Allows you to show immediate commitment to the transaction
  • Reduces the risks of being ‘gazumped’ or ‘gazundered’
  • Strengthens your chain & pass this confidence up the chain to other sellers and buyers
  • Helps mitigate your losses if your transaction was to collapse due to the fault of the other side.

So what do you need to do now?

Check that your local estate agents, or specifically, the agent you are hoping to sell/buy through is HB Affiliated!

If they are, Great!

If not, what are they playing at? Give them a prod and tell them to get in touch with us today!

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"The worst part of being an Estate Agent has always been those bad news phone calls we sometimes have to make to a vendor or buyer after they’ve been gazumped or gazundered. The HonestyBox can minimise how often we all need to make those calls!"

Ben Adams