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Give Vendors a reason to choose you! Protect them more than other Agents can and Secure your Sales!

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"Being affiliated with the HonestyBox means we can offer clients more protection. In a simple, low cost and impartial way that ultimately makes us stand out as an Agent"

James Bush, Owner of HomedIn Online Estate Agents

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Make Gazumping and Gazundering a thing of the past…

…we can provide you with peace of mind on your next property sale or purchase

HonestyBox is designed to strengthen the property market by reducing sale fall throughs, reducing instances of gazumping and gazundering and deterring those who are not genuine about selling or buying from entering the market to begin with!

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How does the HonestyBox help me as an Estate Agent?

Well, you have plenty of competition? What makes you different from all the rest?

In a saturated marketplace, what makes you really stand out as an Estate Agent on your valuations?

Can you offer anything of real value, anything that can be of real benefit to the seller, that none of your competition can?

As an affiliated HonestyBox Agent, you can provide them with greater protection, a way to establish how serious a buyer is from the very beginning and in ‘worst case’ situations, offer them a way to mitigate their losses!

Become an Affiliated Agent

How is it all monitored? Well, we have a first of it’s kind Portal for that!

Once you sign up to the HonestyBox, you’ll have a unique account and secure access to the ‘Agents Only’ portal where you can invite sellers and buyers to protect their transactions through the secure platform

Only Affiliated Agents can access the portal and full training on its use is provided by your HB account manager when you first sign up.

Keep track of all your transactions with ease

In the easy to navigate portal

Every property transaction you protect through the HonestyBox can easily be located in the ‘Transactions’ page within the platform.

Here you can update the HonestyBox with the progress of the sale & notify us when it reaches its conclusion.

Become an Affiliated Agent

Just some of our affiliated agents

What is the Process?

It's oh so simple...


You've successfully negotiated a sale

On any UK based property or land


Both the Seller & Buyer agree to use the HonestyBox to secure the deal

Upon your advice as an affiliated HonestyBox agent


You create the property account, Set out it's terms & Invite Buyer & Seller to purchase their HonestyBox commitment tokens

They agree to the T&Cs & purchase their tokens which are lodged in the portal


The transaction is now HonestyBox protected

With the client funds held securely in Escrow


Once the sale reaches it's conclusion - You update the HonestyBox

Letting us know if the sale has gone through successfully OR if not, then who has breached the terms of the agreement

Result 1


'Successful Transaction'

Both parties have their token value refunded to them minus a nominal HonestBox fee

Result 2

Failed Transaction

'HonestyBox Silver Lining Payment'

The party in breach of the agreed terms forfeits their token value which is sent to the other side

What are the Benefits?

Grow your market share

Win more new instructions by offering Sellers a real incentive to use your agency

Stronger Chains

Property Chains are stronger with the HonestyBox

Secure Your Commissions

Less sale collapses = Stronger pipelines!

Protect your clients by reducing their Losses

Compensation for your sellers in the form of the other persons token

So, what are you waiting for?

Start benefitting from HonestyBox today and grow your marketshare

Become an Affiliated Agent