How it Works

Protecting your Sale or Purchase has never been so easy

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We’ve worked hard to ensure HonestyBox system is quick and easy to use for everyone

… That includes the Estate Agent!

Once the Affiliated Agent has set up the unique transaction account and the terms and conditions of your protection it’s just a simple retail purchase of your unique customer specific ‘commitment tokens’ which are then lodged securely in the portal for the duration of the house sale/purchase.

Then all the Agent has to do is log-in to the secure Agent-only HB Portal and update us when the deal concludes!

It doesn’t get much easier than that, does it?!

Lock Type

There's two options to choose from

Option 1

Absolute Lock

"We'll use HonestyBox's T&C's"

This options means both parties are happy to use the standard terms & conditions created by HonestyBox

Option 2

Qualified Lock

"We want to make our own T&C's"

This option allows both the buyer & seller to create their own terms & conditions and agree to them

How Does HonestyBox Work?


Sale Is Agreed On A Property

An offer has been made and accepted on a property


The Seller & Buyer Choose To Use The HonestyBox To Secure The Deal

And requests that the affiliated HonestyBox Agent sets up a unique HB account to protect their deal


The Agent Sets Up A Unique Transaction Account & Inputs The Type of Lock & Terms Of The Agreement

This is done in the secure HonestyBox Agents Portal


The Parties Agree Terms & Purchase Their HonestyBox Tokens

These are lodged in the HB platform against the transaction as collateral


The Transaction is Now HonestyBox Protected

And the client funds are held securely in Escrow


The Affiliated Agent Will Update The HonestyBox

Once the transaction / sale has reached it's conclusion

Result 1


'Successful Transaction'

Both parties are eligible for the full remittance of their token value minus the nominal HonestyBox fee

Result 2

Failed Transaction

'HonestyBox Silver Lining Payment'

The party in breach of the agreed terms forfeits their token and the value of this is sent to the aggrieved party. (Along with the full value of their own token)

How much does it cost?

Both parties have the option to agree on a deposit between £500 - £1000