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"Once our sale was HonestyBox protected, we really could afford to allow ourselves to start getting excited about moving!"

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Make Gazumping and Gazundering a thing of the past…

…we can provide you with peace of mind on your next property sale or purchase

HonestyBox is designed to strengthen the property market by reducing sale fall throughs, reducing instances of gazumping and gazundering and deterring those who are not genuine about selling or buying from entering the market to begin with!

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We provide you with greater peace of mind on your next property sale or purchase

Too much time and money is currently being wasted within the property market. Close to £270,000,000 a year according to Government information!

With 1 in 3 sales falling through on average in the UK currently and the average collapse costing those losing out £2,899 in solicitors conveyancing fees, unrecovered and wasted survey costs plus other expenses.

But there’s not just the financial hit when a transaction goes wrong! What about the emotional distress of thinking you’d finally secured your sale and potentially found your next home, only for these hopes to then be dashed, often months down the line, and when you too have incurred plenty of costs. (And potentially missed out on other buyers too!)

Or what about the pain you can feel as Buyer when you lose out on your dream move after being Gazumped, despite having already ‘mentally’ moved into your new home!

The HonestyBox gives you a simple to use and unbiased platform to ease these common concerns when buying or selling and helps you to mitigate your losses if your sale or purchase was to collapse.

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What are the benefits?

  With HonestyBox Without HonestyBox
Committed Buyers & Sellers from Day One
Immediate Trust Between Parties
Reduced risk of being Gazumped or Gazundered
Reduced Stress Waiting For Exchange Of Contracts
Stronger Chains
Mitigated Losses

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We’ve worked hard to ensure HonestyBox system is quick and easy to use for everyone

… That includes the Estate Agent!

Once the Affiliated Agent has set up the unique transaction account and the terms and conditions of your protection it’s just a simple retail purchase of your unique customer specific ‘commitment tokens’ which are then lodged securely in the portal for the duration of the house sale/purchase.

Then all the Agent has to do is log-in to the secure Agent-only HB Portal and update us when the deal concludes!

It doesn’t get much easier than that, does it?!

What is Gazundering, Gazumping and Gazanging?

Property Terminology, Explained


This is the industry term for when a Buyer finds a reason to renegotiate their offer. Often right before exchange of contracts and when they feel the Seller might have no choice but to accept the new, lower offer.


This is the term given to when a Buyer finds themselves in the unfortunate position of being ‘outbid’ by a new buyer on the property they believed they’d already secured. The Seller accepts the new higher offer and the original buyer can lose out out on both their dream home and money spent up until that point.


Another bit of industry jargon for you! This is where a Seller simply changes their mind about selling. At the detriment of the Buyer who will lose out on conveyancing costs and unrecovered survey costs.